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"How A Notepad, A Pencil And A Little
Brain Grease Cut My Handicap From
11.4 to 5.8 And Made Me More Of A Feel Player In One Season"

(Danbury, CT - by Michael Dikun) - Having played quarterback in college and various sports throughout my life, I knew I had the ability to be a much better golfer and shoot lower scores than what I was currently shooting.

I simply had no idea what I was doing right and what was holding me back from getting to the single digit "player" I always wanted to be.

Aside from being an athlete, I am also a professional computer programmer.

So I figured it wouldn't be too hard to throw together a program to track my stats, examine the results and try to determine what was holding me back the most.

I originally started marking a few stats down that most of the online stat tracking programs were tracking, such as fairways hit, driving distance, greens in regulation, up and downs , and putts per round.

A few things quickly became obvious....

One, keeping these stats on the scorecard at the course was not very easy, after putting down my score and those of my playing partners I didn't have any room left to write down my stats.

Second, the stats that I was tracking didn't seem to have any correlation to whether I had played a good round or a bad round...

After a lot of research, reading and studying what seemed to have the greatest effect on the scores of the pros it seemed that what I was tracking was not the correct stuff.

So I created a list of the things I thought would give me greater insight into my game and thought about the easiest way to record them while I was on the course.

Then, I started bringing a notepad with me to the course to record what I needed to prove my theory.

I knew I couldn't be spending a lot of time writing down too many things , so I figured out a way to only track the most important pieces of information and with the least amount of writing as possible.

After a few months of tracking, studying the results and tweaking things I had my tracking system down to a science.

It allowed my to quickly jot down a few things as I played, but more importantly I actually started to shoot lower scores.

I didn't know it at the time, but by tracking my game the way I was, I was inadvertantly following a set of strategies for playing the game.

I guess my brain was also starting to internalize the new thinking and adjust, because for some reason I was starting to hit better shots. And..

I Was Starting To Have More "Touch"

For the first time, I could actually just feel the right effort required for some shots. Especially shots within 100 yards of the hole.

It was kinda like how I just knew how much to lead the receiver and how hard to throw the ball accross the middle and hit him in stride.

This was really exciting. Before I knew it, my handicap had crept down from 10.4 to 7.1.

So I kept at it, not really knowing exactly why or what was improving my game. By the end of the season I had improved my handicap from a 10.4 to a 4.8

What I later realized, after thoroughly analysing the data and studying the multiple reports that I generated... is that...

I had not only created a tracking system, but I had come up with a set of strategies that helped me improve various aspects of my game.

If fact, to be more precise... I had stumbled upon

The 5 Areas Of My Game That Had The Greatest Influence On My Score And How To Improve Them

After analysing the numbers, here is what had happened in my game:

  • I started keeping more of my drives "between-the-trees", and had more shots to go for the green.
  • My approach shots started finishing closer to the hole on average, which left me shorter putts when I was on the green, and shorter less difficult chips/pitches when I missed.
  • I was getting more of my chip/pitch shots closer to the hole and I was starting to be able to just feel the right amount of swing required for the shot more often.
  • I started lagging the ball closer to the hole and 3-putting less.
  • I was making more putts inside 10 feet.
If you'd like to figure out what your handicap is, check out Golf Handicap Calculator

The best part was I had made these improvements pretty much only by what I had done on the course while I was actually playing, it didn't require me to put in any additional practice on the range, which was interesting.

I have since created scorecards that can be printed on a single sheet of paper ( I use card stock, for a nice rigid scorecard like feel and writability) , I simply print it out, fold it in half and take it to the course with me.

My regular playing partners were shocked to say the least (the same jerks that had been teasing me as I was writing down my stats) and some of them were even asking me if I could share my program with them. Hah!

Well after making them beg for a while and buy me many beers, I finally shared it with them.

I would also like to share it with you, if you are interested....

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